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Maid Service

Maid ServiceA professional maid service can help your home run smoothly. There are different types of maid services available that you can look into. Most maid services only include cleaning, but there are some that offer other services such as cooking, washing clothes, and ironing. Some companies have nurses who will help keep your home tidy while looking after elderly family members. Most homeowners choose to hire a professional maid service for the cleaning, however, as it allows the homeowner to spend more time with his or her family instead of worrying about cleaning.

If you don’t have children yet, a maid service can help you spend more time doing the things you love like hobbies, taking vacations, or traveling for work. With a maid service, you don’t have to worry about coming home from a vacation or a work trip to a messy, dusty house. Professionals in the made service industry are expertly trained and held to high moral standards, so you can trust your home and belongings to be safe while the cleaner is at your home.

Some factors that would make using a maid service costly are the size and location of your home. Bigger homes located in leafier suburbs end up being more expensive because there’s more area to cover. The range of services that are carried out by the maid service would also impact on the cost. Having a live-in housekeeper would significantly cost more than one who doesn't because it requires him or her to be of service to you round the clock. The frequency of your cleaning requirements also impacts the costs of the service. One-time cleanings would cost less than weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly cleaning schedules.

The number of people and pets living in your house also impacts cost as additional people mean extra work in regards to cleaning, cooking, and ironing. Pets also have to be bathed, fed, and walked creating extra work for the maid. If your maid is highly trained and has some years of experience under his or her belt with excellent references, he or she will deserve higher pay. The average cost for a maid service would be between $90 and $150.


Q. Can I have more than one employee from the maid service?

A. Of course. You can have as many employees as you want from the maid service, provided you can afford them. You can have a main supervisory maid overseeing the other maids and ensuring that work is running smoothly and on schedule.

Q. Can I get a maid service replacement whenever I feel it's necessary?

A. Yes. If you are not happy with the services being delivered by the maid service, a replacement can be arranged for you immediately. Replacements are made within the same day ensuring that there is no gap and you do not have to undergo any inconveniences like missing work or attending to your personal issues.

Q. Is one-day maid service available?

A. One day, weekly, monthly...whatever duration you require, the maid service has the staff to accommodate your schedules. They understand one can need a maid service for a short period of time due to emergencies or certain events that call for a maid temporarily.

Maid Service